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A Modem Is "Must Have" Equipment in Many Homes
There are two main types of modems: DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) and cable. The cable modem is faster. It is also more popular, as approximately 90% of homes in the US are wired with coaxial cable for cable TV access.

Both the Arris Motorola SB614and the Arris Motorola SB612are cable modems. They have the two names ďArrisĒ and ďMotorolaĒ because the Motorola division that manufactures these modems has been sold to the Arris Group, a manufacturer of high-speed data, video and telephony systems. They use the DOCSIS 3.0 standard to move data over cable networks.
Don't Let Your Router Slow You Down
If you have just decided to buy either the Motorola SB614or SB6121, and if you are using Windows and accessing the internet via a wireless routeróespecially an AC class wireless routeróthen you should look into investing in a speedy wireless client card, to make full use of the speed of your modem.
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Shiny exterior collects dust and smudges
The Netgear CM500 is a DOCSIS 3.0 standard modem with 1downstream channels and four upstream channels for max speeds up to 680 Mbps.

The CM500 isn't necessarily a top-of-the-line product, but itís still a great value. Not only is it less expensive than renting a modem from your ISP, it's less expensive than many of the similar modems we tested, yet it works just as well. It's also supported by more ISPs than several of the products we researched. Besides value, the main difference between the CM500 and our favorite modems is the lack of a physical power button, which necessitates plugging and unplugging the modem when you want to turn it on or off. It's an inelegant solution, but it works.
The CM500 is a sleek device with a slim, shiny black exterior which gets a little dirty from smudges and dust. It also is not as well ventilated as other models, so it tends to run a few degrees warmer. Still, itís a good modem that serves your internet access needs.
Easily falls over
The Motorola MB 7420ís compact form, performance and easy-to-use functionality make it a great modem for households that don't need the absolute fastest speeds.
In our tests, it performed well on a network using up to 400 Mbps cable internet connection. [[https://salisbest.com/best-surfboard-sb6121 ]]. If your internet plan advertises speeds up to 300Mbps or higher, a modem with more upstream and downstream channels gives you more room to maneuver.
Though most cable modems are very similar, the MB 7420 offers a few distinct features that make it easier to use than other models we tested. For one, it has a physical power button. It's a small, useful element that many modems omit, but plugging and unplugging a modem to turn it on and off again is an unwieldy process. A power button is convenient, especially since this modem is so small and light, as messing with the cords can cause it to fall off balance. The Motorola's web interface, where you reset the device or access its information, is one of the easiest to navigate and the most powerful of the user interfaces, and it includes a nice selection of advanced options as well as the basics. Additionally, the modem comes with two small but useful accessories, a wrench for tightening the coaxial connection and a hook-and-loop cord strap.
No LAN status icon

Unlike most cable modems, the Arris Surfboard 618comes in two colors, so you can choose an option that best fits your style.
Other than the black or white color options, the SB618is a standard DOCSIS 3.0 modem. It has 1downstream and four upstream channels and is up to the task of keeping your busy network connected to the internet. It performed as well as expected in our hands-on tests. One feature we found particularly useful is its color-coded status LEDs. Its uplink and downlink icons glow different colors based on the connection quality instead of simply showing that itís connected. Every other modem we tested included a LAN indicator on its forward-facing status panel. An Ethernet port status light replaced the LAN indicator on the SB6183, which isnít as easily accessible for diagnostics.
How We Tested
Since all the modems passed our tests, most of our ranking evaluations relied on price and features. We preferred modems with physical power buttons as opposed to modems that you have to unplug to turn off. We scored modems higher if the online interface was easy to find and use. We also preferred smaller, well-ventilated devices.
Modems vs. Routers
The devices most ISPs supply to renting customers are modem and router combination devices, so replacing your rented equipment does necessitate replacing both devices. The modem is the first point of contact between your home network and the internet. It takes the cable input signal and modulates/demodulates it into a standard Ethernet connection that your router or computer plugs into.

If you want Wi-Fi or to connect multiple devices to the internet, you also need a router, which handles all the communications between your home network and the internet. You need both to create an effective and secure home network. You can buy combo devices, but we recommend each device unless youíre really pressed for space. Separate devices have the advantage of being more flexible when it comes to upgrades, and if one piece breaks, you donít have to replace the whole system..
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